Exterior Painting designed for Vancouver weather conditions

Vancouver’s unique climate and two seasons (rainy and not rainy) require experience and knowledge to prepare for ensure long lasting results. Our city is a very fertile place and as a result, surfaces must be carefully cleaned and prepared to remove the moss & etc that grows on all our local exteriors. This has become even more important as coating manufacturers shifted the chemistry of their products to comply with Canadian regulations for the quantity of Volatile Organic Compounds in their coatings(Vocs). We understand and take care of all of these factors.

Our Process

1 - Intelligent setup

Good communication and thoughtful setup specifically for your needs and schedule.You can count on promptness and professionalism.

2 - PROTECT and Prepare

We cover and protect everything. Its true, Excellent results require Excellent prep. We have an eye for details and the skills to get it done. We Also have specialized German dust extraction equipment and techniques to provide dustless prep work. Clean prep is essential for interior projects.

3 - Details Details

Application of finishes will be done with discernment and care. Straight lines and smooth finish are why you hire a professional. Count on it.

4 - Completion

We have a “leave no trace” mission statement for our crews. At the end of the process, all that we leave behind is the new look of your home or business done the right way!

Why choose us

We care about the long-term results. Having worked on thousands of Vancouver exterior projects since the 1980’s.

Most of an exterior project is truly about preparing for the painting to begin. We use state of the art dust and lead abatement techniques and equipment. Our crews are very mindful of safety and site cleanups throughout the process. We get all this! There is an art and a science to colour selection and supporting you to choose your right colour is a passion for us. Our approach to this process is unique in the industry. For example, the texture of the exterior surface to be painted is a big factor that many other companies do not highlight to customers. Colours look quite different on a chunky stucco versus a smooth wood siding for example. So while we have a massive selection of colours and products ranging from Benjamin Moore to the rare Guggenheim Classic Colour Palette, we know that looking a colour chips and samples is not enough to make an informed decision. There is no substitute for seeing your colour candidates put up on the exterior surface. These real paint samples will give you a true look and assessment of how what you like in all light conditions throughout the day and on the texture(s)of your house.

Our services

  • House Painiting
  • Building Painiting
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Staining
  • Spay Painting
  • Stucco Painting
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Wood Siding Refinishing
  • Wood Staining
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Wood Repairs
  • Trim Painiting
  • Paint Stripping
  • Boom Truck Painting

Careful execution

Inteligent Communication

Fully insured

We will take your project to the finish

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